PitchforkThe Walkmen's new album Lisbon is an aural treat, and they've been given the multi-angle treatment as part of Pitchfork's POV Concert Series. The online player allows you to watch their show from any of six angles in real-time (or step back and watch all six angles at once). Here's the POV interface:


Pretty basic, right? But come to think of it, this reminds me of something. What is it? The Cold War Kids' I've Seen Enough? No... oh, that's right! When I was at MTV we built this exact same thing. Six angles, one master setting, real-time Flash-based switching. Except I'd like to think my design was a little more inspired than Pitchfork's (you can see it full-size in my portfolio):


Unfortunately, despite some very talented folks driving the project, it got caught up in some sort of ownership dispute and never saw the light of day. You know how things are with these corporations. Anyway, check out the multi-angle show and stop by Amazon where you can get one of the best albums of the year for $5.99. And if you want to see one of the best drummers alive go nuts, check out Matt Barrick hammering away on the song Angela Surf City.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not mention that we are going to be doing something similar with the interface for 3rd Rail, though it may or may not be Flash-based...

Link: Pitchfork: POV Concert Series - The Walkmen