As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, the folks over at Warner Bros. want to make sure you have plenty of reading material as you hide from your crazy (insert relative here). And for those of you outside of the U.S., be thankful for not being stuck with your crazy (insert relative here) and for Warner Bros. dropping four screenplays for your consideration and free, legal download: Gravity, 42, Prisoners, and The Great Gatsby.

Gravity certainly turned a lot of heads upon its release in early October and the film continues to put up strong numbers a solid two months into its run. As would be expected with essentially a single-hander, the screenplay for Gravity is lean - 67 1/8 pages lean. Here's the trailer for one of the most talked about films of the year:

One of the more successful and critically well received releases of the spring, 42 tells the story of the man who broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball and the general manager who signed him to his Major League contract. Now available on Blu-ray, DVD, download and streaming, here's the trailer for 42:

Prisoners gives us a taut thriller of a father pushed beyond his limits, taking matters into his own hands to find his missing daughter and her friend. Here's the trailer:

Finally, we have Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of a classic novel many filmmakers have tried to adapt with little success, so why not add Jay-Z and 3-D? Here's the trailer for The Great Gatsby:

Here are the links to the screenplays, thanks to Warner Bros.:

As always, please use these screenplays for your educational purposes only, and don’t wait to download them as we never know when they will go offline.

Also, if you missed our previous posts about award contender screenplays available for free, legal download, you can find them at the links below:

Do you see lean screenplays like Gravity setting a new trend for studio films? Or will biopics and adaptations continue to be the norm? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Link: Warner Bros. 2013 Awards