Remember the days of yore, when you were forced to attend high school with a few thousand knuckleheads, five days a week? In between your Discman and the Gak, what if your youthful imagination had been mentored by film professionals in Big Apple's film community? If you’re still between the ages of 16-18, it’s not too late! Find out how you can become a youth Tribeca Film Fellow below, the deadline is right around the corner.

The Tribeca Film Institute recognizes that there are some very creative youth out there, who are also in deep need of mentors to follow their dreams. Last year I interviewed a 12-year-old director who blew my mind with her animation imagination! In a very cool use of their Institute’s reach, this year Tribeca will invite twenty very motivated (and lucky) teenagers to become yearlong fellows. Here is their description of the Tribeca Film Fellows Program:

Fellows work closely with a professional film mentor who helps them develop their film proposals and pitch their projects in competition for a college scholarship in the amount of $2,500. In addition, Fellows are eligible for continued production support for their films through grants and access to filmmaking equipment and organizational resources. Throughout the year Fellows receive individual academic support in preparation for statewide and nationwide exams, including Regents and the SAT, as well as support in the college application process.

Not only do the youth fellows get a chance to understand what a future in film could mean, but Tribeca also makes sure they graduate and pass the SATs! If you’re of age, or know somebody deserving that fits the bill, pass this along! This is what it looked like for the 2012-2013 fellows:

This not the Little League World Series; you have to prove you are indeed between the ages of 16 to 18. Here’s a breakdown from the Tribeca Film Fellows application of what you else you'll need to qualify:

  • Have been actively involved with video production for at least 12 months
  • Have a career aspiration in some area of media and/or video/film
  • Get one Letter of Recommendation
  • Upload an online link to work sample

Don’t dilly dally, and hell, skip sixth period Civics if you need to;  the application is due today, January 17, 2014. What is it that you kids say -- yolo?

Do you know any creative youth out there that could use mentorship to start a career in film?

Links: Film Fellows Application -- Tribeca Film Institute