Holding true to their philosophy to make the F5/F55 remain viable for a long time to come, Sony have introduced an upgrade that effectively turns your F5 into an F55. For the FS700, Sony are releasing a free FS700 firmware upgrade for E-mount zoom lens support. Also, for those of us with a few B4 lenses sitting around, Sony has announced a new 2-part optical B4 to PL adapter with an electronic lens interface. Hit the jump for our interview with Sony on the NAB floor:

This means that anyone who purchased an F5 for budgetary reasons can now take the step up if they so choose. Overview at a glance:

The F5 -> F55 upgrade includes:

  • Upgrades the image sensor with a global shutter
  • Hardware and software changes to turn the F5 into an F55
  • Pricing TBA

Free FS700 upgrade:

  • Firmware support for Sony's E-mount zoom lenses
  • No geometric distortion
  • Shading correction
  • Coming later this year

The B4 S16 PL Adapter:

  • Adapts B4 lenses into the PL mount
  • Single element Optical converter with 1.3x magnification
  • For Cooke, Arri & Fujinon B4 lenses, etc
  • Electronic lens interface function


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