RigWheels showed off their new Passport Camera Dolly system at NAB, which takes flat mount and 75mm/100mm bowl mount tripods, and has the ability to completely fit inside one Pelican case. What might be most impressive for those who travel is the fact that the Passport Camera Dolly system comes in at 50 pounds, so it will go right into your checked baggage before a flight without any more fees. The system is now available for pre-order, and you can check out more details below.

If you missed it, here is our NAB interview with Lance from RigWheels, where he showed off the entire Passport system:

Here is a picture of the complete system and what's included. The major part of the system that is not included and does not fit into the Pelican are the stands:


And more about the system:

The track/tubes are interchangeable with our larger 40″ PortaRail systems so if longer range is needed, you can always add more length. Sections of track connect seamlessly via threaded connectors and are constructed from high-grade 6061 aluminum for rigidity. At the included 6.3′ length, the rails have less than 1/8″ of flex with a 40lb load placed at the center. 

This system is going to be especially useful for large cameras, as it can take a tremendous amount of weight. You're really only limited by your tripod head and where you place the supports on the system. The all-in-one package is going to run $1,900 including the case, but if you pre-order right now, you will get free shipping in the US and $100 shipping worldwide.

Besides this very complete kit, there are some less-expensive options that allow you to mix and match if you don't need or want certain components:


You can find links to pre-order some of these options below, including some other carrying options if you'd like to carry up to 10 ft. of 40" rails. This is the hard case kit, and there is also a soft case kit, both of which include 10 feet of rails: