For the past month, we've been covering the latest release of Adobe's CC video applications extensively -- from the exciting new titling features in Premiere, to the two new keying effects inside of After Effects, to the full gamut of new features in SpeedGrade. Those aren't the only apps that received a few new welcome additions to their feature-sets, however. Audition, Adobe's audio post-production program, also got a few new usability and interface updates that make multi-track mixing sessions easier to navigate. In an excerpt from one of his many post production courses, Larry Jordan breaks down these new features in Audition and provides a few helpful tips and tricks.

This excerpt comes from one of  Jordan's most recent webinars, which explores all of the new features in Premiere CC and Audition CC (the 2014 versions) in as much detail as you could possibly want. Here's the excerpt, which provides an overview of everything that's new inside of this latest release of Audition, plus a few helpful tricks for encoding and navigating multitrack sessions.

Perhaps the most significant feature in this release is the ability to import and export Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby Digital Plus (EC-3) files, which are the industry standard mix-down formats for multitrack audio sessions. This addition makes Audition a far more valuable tool for standalone audio post production work outside of the Adobe ecosystem. In the video, Jordan also walks you through the process of determining correct levels for the "Dialogue Normalization" setting in the Dolby Digital export dialogue. This setting should be set to the average loudness of your dialogue tracks, a number which can be found in the Amplitude Statistics window.

The other major feature in this recent update is very much centered around aesthetics and making the interface as easy as possible to navigate during complex multitrack mixing sessions. At first, the implementation of the color-coded vertical navigation bar seems like a lackluster feature, but for those of us who like to organize projects with color, navigating complex timelines with multiple tracks of dialogue, SFX, music, etc. just got a whole lot easier.

If you're interested in checking out the other new features in Audition CC 2014 (and Premiere CC 2014 as well) be sure to check out the rest of the Larry Jordan seminar.

Link: 126: New Features in Adobe Premiere & Audition -- Larry Jordan

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