Anyone who has ever tried to hold a gimbal stabilizer for more than a few minutes at a time can attest to the fact that it's a real workout for your arms. Plus it's not great for your spine either, especially if you make a habit of operating the camera like that. Of course, you can attach these stabilizers to something like the EasyRig, which distributes the weight more evenly throughout your body, but that's a bulky, complicated, and not to mention expensive solution.

That's where the GimbalGunner 2.0 comes in. With its hybrid design, the GimbalGunner 2.0 can be used not only as a shoulder-stabilized gimbal rig, but also, depending on how you have it configured, it can be used as an affordable alternative to a remote head for crane shots. Here are a few photos, as well as the tech specs.

GimbalGunner 2.0

GimbalGunner 2.0

  • Carbon fiber, with aluminium camera frame.
  • AlexMos brushless gimbal controller with the latest firmware upload 
  • possibilities any time by onboard USB.
  • Extra USB connection outside.
  • Motors: two iPower Gimbal BL Motor GBM80187-120T.
  • Total weight of the whole gimbal: 4,4 kg.
  • Max. loading capacity: 5kg.

Of course, the GimbalGunner has been around for a little more than a year, although until this week it was just a prototype, GimbalGunner 2.0 is the finalized production version, and it comes with a number of enhancements according to the press release on their Facebook page.

The GimbalGunner is completely balanced on the shoulder what assures comfortable shooting like with an old style ENG camera. It fits most prostyle cameras and it is easy to adjust and balance. The GimbalGunner has a flexible modular system. You can use it with a one, two or three axis setup. With one or two axis, the GimbalGunner is setup as a shoulder mount. With two or three axis it can be used with a wireless remote system.

All in all, the GimbalGunner 2.0 is an interesting option for solo shooters who need a combination of top-notch stabilization and versatility. Like the previous iteration of the GimbalGunner, version 2.0 is built-to-order by Georges van Wensveen. Plus, thanks to a more modest conversion rate, it's about half the price of the original, coming in at a base price of €3.200 (excluding handlebars, shoulder pad, VAT, and shipping). That's roughly $3600, depending on the day. If you're interested, contact Georges through the GimbalGunner Facebook page.

Source: GimbalGunner - Facebook