Atomos Will Give You Cash to Upgrade to HDR

Shogun Inferno AtomHDRCredit: Atomos
Atomos has combined a new firmware update with a generous trade-in program and price cuts to boost its future in HDR.

After a firmware workaround over the summer to enable HDR preview on 400-nit screens, the monitor and recording manufacturer Atomos is working diligently to keep equipment up to date with proper Log and HDR monitoring.

With 7.12, its new, free firmware release, Atomos has incorporated native support for Sony S-Log, FujiFilm Log, and Canon C-Log 3 capture formats, which comes in addition to previous support for curves from Panasonic, JVC, RED, and ARRI.

This is a crucial update. Log is a format designed to preserve maximum scene detail; while it opens up many options in post, it often looks "flat" when viewed on a monitor designed for linear video. While many filmmakers get used to the "log look"—and some even get attached to it—the option of previewing something that has been formatted correctly for the monitor is a huge benefit. 

Credit: Atomos

For those looking to buy a new Atomos recorder or to upgrade an older model to a proper 1500-nit high brightness HDR display, the company is running a cash-back promotion that offers discounts on the HDR models along with trade-in credit that applies whether your used Shogun or Ninja is in working condition or not. While the trade-in value isn't amazing (you could likely get slightly more by selling it on an auction site), the simplicity of the trade-in is convenient, especially since it applies to non-functioning equipment.

Additionally, for many institutional filmmakers—such as university AV departments who have purchasing restrictions and might not be allowed to sell used equipment—the trade-in can help secure the upgrade at a better price. Discounts range from $175 to $500, depending on the model you are buying and which unit, if any, you are trading.

The promotion lasts through January 31, 2017. For more information, check out the Atomos site    

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I dig the 1500 nit brightness over the 400 nit of the Shogun (original) for daytime/outdoor shooting. I've either not particularly noticed or just worked around any monitor brightness issues so far. To be clear the 1500 nit isn't what makes possible the recording of 10 bit 422 (that's already achievable with original Shogun), but it does allow the monitor to display all of the dynamic range you are recording.
When it comes to the HDR LUT... I'm sure it's useful, but so are all of those image diagnostic tools already built-in (waveform, focus peaking, zebra, histogram etc.). P.S. those don't lie, but your eyes do. S-Log is tough, and while it would be nice to say 2 stops over is the rule, it's situational. With practice you shouldn't need to rely on a LUT (however, the producer might be less taken aback and you might get to say "that's how it's supposed to look before color correction" a lot less).
I would probably take Atomos up on this offer if they relished those wanting the Inferno for the 60p @ 4k. Obviously all of the other perks (stronger body, better heat sinks, dual battery terminals and the extra locking brackets for the drives) are a great upgrade and incentive. I really would have liked to see cable locks for the HDMI ports however.
Overall I would say this is a great option for those already looking to buy the Flame series or upgrading to 4k in general from the older and smaller 1080 series.

December 1, 2016 at 4:11PM, Edited December 1, 4:55PM

Sean Korbitz
Director of Photography

I just returned my Atomos inferno as realised it doesn't record ProRes 4444, and won't play back alexa mini footage shot at that bit rate.... A real shame as it seems like a really nice bit of kit.

December 2, 2016 at 2:30AM, Edited December 2, 2:30AM


I couldn't give a crap about HDR monitoring on set, it's just pretty pictures for the Director to watch.
We already had that with LUT's on Output to the Directors Monitor.

What I do care about, is being able to RECORD the best quality imagery - CineDNG Raw from SDI input, on ALL of the cameras that were slated to be supported when us customers bought the original Shogun.

The Beta firmware still only supports Sony FS - No Red, No Arri, No Canon, and No Cion, which is the camera I bought the Shogun to use with, based on Atomos's press releases and pre-sales documentation that the Cion would be supported.

As far as I'm concerned, Atomos still owes it's customers the products completion, and they're over a year behind delivering on their own timeline for that.

If they're going to offer us a cash-back deal, then they should be buying back the units At The Sticker Price Paid.

I won't be buying, or recommending, Atomos products to fellow Film & Broadcast professionals, until the company delivers on the promised product functionality.

Today,. December 2016.

Waybackmachine, November 2015

December 4, 2016 at 5:00AM, Edited December 4, 5:16AM

Stewart Fairweather