Last month, Vimeo added review pages for PRO and Business accounts, aimed to be an entirely internal review system to compete with and Wipster (which integrated with Vimeo last year). Now Vimeo has taken a page out of the playbook, integrating the tools directly into Premiere so you ostensibly never have to leave your NLE. The new panel also lets you control privacy settings, check allotted Vimeo storage, and customize your bitrate, codec and resolution settings from within Premiere.

Now that Vimeo PRO and Business members can create a review page from within Premiere CC, it makes's Premiere integration less unique and—due to the high cost of a subscription—less desirable for filmmakers on a budget.

The main complaint we hear from Vimeo users is its encoding time: once you've uploaded a video it can take a while before it appears, even if you're a PRO user. Does that extra waiting time justify paying for an alternate service to handle uploads and review? In general, the importance of encode-free upload platform depends on the turnaround time of your project and the level you're working at. Either way, this new Vimeo panel is a welcome addition to the litany of online publishing tools for filmmakers.