The new CN-E 70-200mm COMPACT-SERVO telephoto zoom lens from Canon will be on full display during this year's NAB. This compact, lightweight lens will be essential for filmmakers who are seeking the quality optics of Canon's Cinema Primes with the features of an EF lens.  

Designed to compliment a variety of productions from narrative work to documentary shooting, the CN-E 70-200mm is ideal for cameras with EF-mounts featuring Super 35mm or APS-C sized sensors. The lens maintains its brightness across the entire 70 to 200mm focal range at a T-stop of T4.4 and is compatible with both the Canon EF 1.4x III (expanded focal range of 98-280mm) and EF 2x III (expanded focal range of 140mm-400mm) external extenders for added versatility. Being 4K friendly, it features a nine-blade iris aperture diaphragm to give footage an artistic look and a desired 'bokeh' effect in areas out-of-focus. 

CN-E 70-200mmThe new CN-E 70-200mm COMPACT-SERVO telephoto zoom lens.Credit: Canon

Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc says, "Canon prides itself on turning the ideas and thoughts from filmmakers about equipment into reality. We are very excited to expand our line of COMPACT-SERVO lenses, providing a variety of creators with an extremely versatile and affordable lens that features the outstanding build-quality and excellent optical performance that professionals have come to expect from Canon. We are excited to continue to build the COMPACT-SERVO line of lenses, and can't wait to see what the imaging community creates."

Enhancing its capabilities further is the aforementioned servo drive unit with industry-standard controllers, including Canon's ZSD-300D and FPD-400D, so operators can seamlessly switch between servo and manual modes to control zoom, focus and iris. Alternatively, if you're a run-and-gun shooter, the lens also works with the ZSG-C10 accessory grip. The grip connects to the lens through a 20-pin cable, allowing a variety of lens functions to be controlled including zoom, AF and start/stop recording. During manual operation, the lens features cine-standard 0.8 mod gears and a rubberized grip on the focus ring.

Bear in mind, while the lens touts image stabilization, auto-focus and auto-iris, features not normally found on primes, its "auto" features will only work with the EOS C100 Mark II, EOS C300 Mark II and EOS C700 via a firmware update scheduled to be released later this year.  Canon hasn't announced pricing yet, but the lens will ship in 2017. 

Canon C-LogCanon C-log ungraded and graded comparisons.Credit: Canon

Canon offers C-Log update for EOS 5D Mark IV 

If you're a EOS 5D Mark IV user, Canon will be offering a Canon Log upgrade for filmmakers to achieve the same cinematic look of its popular Cinema EOS cameras. Unfortunately while not free for current EOS 5D Mark IV owners, the upgrade can be installed for $99 at any Canon service center across the U.S. starting this July. If you're shopping for a new EOS 5D Mark IV, it will come pre-installed with a retail price around $3,599 (body only).

If you're unfamiliar with Canon Log, it uses the image sensor's characteristics in a way that allows for a wide dynamic range with minimal loss of detail in the shadows and highlights. While it's not a RAW recording, the video is flat with low contrast/saturation and muted sharpness. The image retains more information providing flexibility while color grading in post. To grab your upgrade, you can visit

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