We pumped out 85 videos for you this year at NAB 2017. As a reader, this might've been a little overwhelming. To make things easier for you to digest, we're breaking our content down by category.

It was another underwhelming year at NAB for cameras. Sony has seemingly been the most active in that arena, as it announced its a9 nearly a week before the show started and was on hand to exhibit the camera at the show. Some were hoping to see a new version of the a7 revealed in addition to the new series, but instead, Sony revealed their new UMC-S3C 4K, a tiny 4K camera built for cranes, sliders, crash cams, or when you just need a camera with a small footprint. Mostly, we saw companies less focused on creating new technologies, instead opting to upgrade their previous releases to be the best tools possible for the filmmakers who already own them. 

It was a much different story in the lens department, however. Not only did we see a host of new full frame lenses come out from established companies like Leica and Cooke, but we were treated to the emergence of several new (and awesome) lens companies eager to bring some more affordable lenses to the marketplace. As sensors in cameras grow larger and larger, we're going to be seeing full frame lenses become more and more varied and available. This is certainly good news for filmmakers.

Below is a list of all our camera and lens videos from NAB or, alternatively, just click play on the playlist up top and let it ride.



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