While we spend quite a lot of time discussing film as a visual medium (and for good reason), less time is tasked with discussing the aural pleasures that the artform provides. With Alfonso Cuarón's Roma opening in theaters and premiering on Netflix later this season, the good folks at Fandor have decided to pay long overlooked attention where its due: to the filmmaker's complex, ear-tingling sound design. 

Whether a piercing whistling sound that resembles the oncoming of tinnitus or the large blast of an explosion that reverberates throughout a city's streets, each sound choice Cuarón implements has purpose and is often intentionally noticeable; both subtle and boastful, each sound represents a particular mood, running the gamut from a bubbly calm to an implication of immense danger. 

The above video puts together a complementary assortment of aural auteurist traits, including the aforementioned ringing sound, the sense of someone swimming underwater and rising upward, and, in the case of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, a chorus of singing children and their CGI pet frogs. May Roma add to the ever-building collection of sounds.