All of our oral histories are built on stories we pass down from generation to generation. Sure, they change over time, but those stories are what the entire human race depends on to tell us our values, the consequences of our actions, and explanations of love and hate. 

When I'm writing a new project, I like to look back at the classics to see if they can help inspire my characters, the stakes, and the set pieces. Hey, the Public Domain is full of great (and free) ideas! They're amazing to steal from when you're in a jam. 

Now, Ted Talk has released EIGHTEEN animated myths you can watch for free on YouTube. 

These myths are from all across the world and put some of our favorite stories and legends into perspective. These animated movies are really opening Pandora's Box for screenplay ideas.

Each video takes a specific story from across the globe and outlines them, giving you the basic beats or even a treatment of the legend. They're great to watch if you just want to learn 

You can watch episodes about good guys, bad guys, and even get ideas for internal and external conflict. What I love the most is that they're done in an entertaining way.

A lot of times it's hard to connect with items like myths and legends because they're not easy to read or don't feel applicable to modern society. What we have in these animated breakdowns are easy to understand lessons and morals that we can use to adapt to our work. 

Plus, some of these legends have pretty steamy love scenes and pretty exciting fight scenes

So let them lead your work into new territory by providing old lessons that have withstood the test of time. 

And maybe educate yourself on some other cultures too. 

Watch the full playlist here

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