Another year and another Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the books! Along with our NAB coverage, CES is a big week for No Film School as it never fails to give some big news and stories for the film and video community.

This year was no different as new cameras were unveiled (or at least teased), 360-video was given a boost and some big new steps for video editing laptops and workstations were dropped.

So, featuring some of the top headlines from the biggest brands in the game (like Canon, Nikon, DJI, RED and… Sharp?), here are our top stories from CES 2019.

The Sharp 8K: Introducing the First 8K Prosumer Video Camera

Sharp 8K Camera

While this is big news to some (and perhaps just annoying news to others), 8K was a hot topic at CES and will undoubtedly be the single biggest buzzword of 2019 in general. Along with Canon execs dropping rumors about a Canon EOS R (read more on THAT rumor here), a prototype for the “Sharp 8K” was unveiled on the conference floor.

Here’s our full write-up on this prototype 8K prosumer camera.

Lexar Unveils World’s First 1TB SD Memory Card

1TB SD Card

Well, science and technology, we’ve finally done it! As film and video professionals, we’ve had to have known that this day would come eventually. I mean the first SD card was amazing enough 20 years ago, and the first 1GB SD card wasn’t far behind it.

Now the question becomes how quickly the write speed will catch up and the cost will be trimmed down - and, of course - when should we expect the first 2TB or the first petabyte SD card…

Read our full story on Lexar’s 1TB SD card here.

Nikon is First to Offer HDMI Raw Output with the Z Line

Nikon Z7 Z6 Video Reviews

If anyone in the video industry had a truly great week, Nikon really stood out with its updates to its popular new mirrorless camera Z-line. Nikon announced partnership with Atomos to output RAW over HDMI appears to make Nikon the first to the gate on this long-awaited feature for their Nikon Z7 and Z6 cameras.

Here’s a more in-depth article on what this means for filmmakers.

Insta360 Goes to 11K with Its New Immersive Rig


And if you thought 8K news was blowing your mind, wait until you peep Insta360’s new rig. Introduced as “The Titan” at CES, this large sensor immersive new rig records a full 360-degrees in 11K resolution. This major refresh should also improve low light sensitivity over the last iteration, but be prepared as it represents a steep price (and lots of SD cards needed).

Check out the full article on the Insta360 Titan here.

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