This post was written by Adobe Stock and originally appeared on the Adobe blog on March 25th, 2024.

What is a template in video editing?

Whether you’re new to video editing or have years of experience creating videos for film, TV, social media, and more, video editing templates are powerful tools that can help you quickly create stylish videos that look the way you want.

But what is a template in video editing, and how can you use the options in the Adobe Stock collection to optimize your production workflows and make your content stand out? Read on to learn more about the benefits of using video templates — including new Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects templates as well as Motion Graphics templates (a.k.a. MOGRT files).

How to create using video editing templates

Think of video templates as shortcuts in your creative process. Your videos almost always need to include elements like intros and outros, transitions, and visual effects. But rather than painstakingly creating these elements from scratch each time you work on a new project, you can browse Adobe Stock to find pre-built options that will save you time.

When you find a MOGRT template you like, all you have to do is download it and drop it onto your video editing timeline to incorporate it into your project. With Premiere Pro and After Effects templates, you can simply download the project files and open them in their respective apps to begin working with them.

Use Adobe Stock templates as a starting point

As a creator with a unique vision for each video you make, you might balk at the idea of incorporating pre-built content into your productions. However, MOGRT files offer the ability to customize a predetermined set of elements for a faster workflow, and Adobe Stock, Premiere Pro and After Effects video editing templates are fully customizable for more control of your final project.

You’re free to adjust all the details — colors, lighting, fonts, textures, effects, pacing, and more — to suit the look and feel of your projects. And even when you customize video editing templates, you’ll still save time compared to how long it would take to create the same elements from scratch.

Video Credit: Adobe Stock/Motion Forward.

Add professional polish with Premiere Pro video editing templates

Premiere Pro is the Adobe Creative Cloud app that delivers industry-standard video editing tools. It has everything you need to edit and trim footage, correct color, adjust audio, and mix music. It also lets you add titles, transitions, and effects to enhance and propel your stories.

Premiere Pro templates in the Adobe Stock collection offer a wide range of essential building blocks for your videos. For example, you’ll find titles to introduce your videos as well as lower thirds to let you easily display contextual information onscreen.

Video Credit: Adobe Stock/vladoskin.

You’ll discover innovative transitions to help you smoothly move from one scene to another in your videos.

And you’ll also find specialty video editing templates like logo reveals for corporate or brand videos and slideshows that help you show more than one scene or person onscreen.

Video Credit: Adobe Stock/Vitalii.

Create some sizzle with eye-catching After Effects video editing templates

After Effects is the industry-standard app for creating motion graphics and visual effects. You can use it to animate text and characters, make objects disappear, control the weather onscreen, and much more.

As with Premiere Pro video templates, Adobe Stock After Effects templates include essential video elements like titles and transitions. They also include colorful and hypnotic backgrounds for your text, graphics, and animations.

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Video Credit: Adobe Stock/CandyMustache.

Plus, you’ll find engaging motion effects and motion overlays that use text, graphics, and photographic imagery to draw viewers into your stories.

Video Credit: Adobe Stock/Enchanted Studios.

Grab attention with Motion Graphics templates

Designed for Premiere Pro, Adobe Stock Motion Graphics templates enable you to quickly add moving text and graphics to your videos.

They span titles, backgrounds, slideshows, overlays, and more, and they offer a range of looks, from sweeping and cinematic to glitchy and retro. And remember — you can edit them in Premiere Pro to perfectly fit your stories, styles, and moods.

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This post was written by Adobe Stock and originally appeared on the Adobe blog on March 25th, 2024.