When Adobe brought its popular Content-Aware Fill tool over from Photoshop and added it to After Effects, it made the workflows of creators a heck of a lot faster. 

With the tool, you can efficiently remove unwanted objects from scenes in a few simple steps and replace the missing pixels with a selected area. The feature is powered by Adobe Sensei, so it removes a lot of the guesswork and does it automatically for you.

But it's not perfect, and that's why Adobe gives creators various features within the tool to fine-tune the image. Like options to increase the fill method through Alpha Expansion or different fill renders. 

Adobe has added a new feature called Lighting Correction, which can handle lighting shifts in the footage. When enabled, the feature will add lighting corrections into removed objects where the lighting changes. Cool.

After Effects provides three different correction strengths—subtle, moderate, and strong—to apply the effect. This will be a big help with shots with different lighting and color changes. 

Cody Pyper created a test video of the feature worth a watch. 

Besides the new addition to Content-Aware Fill, After Effects updated the default working color space and gamma curves for all RED files. This is similar to the recent Premiere Pro update (v 14.8). 

These new features can be found in After Effects version 17.6 and are free to download if you have an active Creative Cloud subscription. 

Source: Cody Pyper