Getting your script into the hands of the right people is extremely difficult. What is a desperate screenwriter to do if they seek feedback on their screenplay? Are script coverage services helpful or just another cog profiting from an emerging filmmaker’s hope?

In today’s episode, No Film School’s Charles Haine, GG Hawkins, and Jason Hellerman discuss:

  • Recalling memories from March 2020 when the world “shut down”
  • Why we are surprised that Nikon bought RED
  • The acquisition of BorrowLenses
  • The importance of the first 10 pages of your script
  • Why the opening scene of The Godfather is so powerful
  • The Gauntlet - a controversial script coverage service
  • What infuriates us about AI script coverage
  • Why AI cannot evaluate creative screenwriting
  • Hollywood, the hope machine


  1. Lensrentals To Acquire BorrowLenses
  2. Heard of The New, Controversial Script Coverage Service The Gauntlet
  3. Why All AI Script Coverage is a Scam

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