Atomos has started shipping its AtomX SYNC module which adds wireless timecode, sync, and control to the Ninja V. The accessory is ideal for multi-cam productions, especially for cameras that don't support timecode. 

The AtomX SYNC module attaches in between the Ninja V and the battery acting as a transceiver. Meaning, it can send and receive a signal. It's able to connect to multiple cameras and audio recorders through wireless tech designed by Timecode Systems.

For those unfamiliar with the Timecode Systems name, the company first jumped into the market with its Timecode Buddy system. It combined a master unit, transmitter, and receiver that could generate and sync timecode to devices that didn't support timecode. It was great for those early DSLR days when you needed to add timecode to a setup. It was essentially a less expensive alternative to Ambient's ACN and LockitNetwork

What Atomos has basically done here is integrate that technology into the Ninja V, where the Ninja V acts as the master unit.


Doing so allowed Ninja V users to connect multiple AtomX SYNC-enabled units to a single network that can work up to 656 feet (200m) away. It provides frame-accurate control and timecode all controlled by the Ninja V.


On top of connecting multiple cameras and audio devices like the Zoom F6 and F8n, a single module can sync up to 6 iOS devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The one caveat is that connected Bluetooth devices have a shorter range between 32-50 feet (10-15m). iPhone and iPad apps are also supported including Apogee’s MetaRecorder, Mavis Pro, MovieSlate8, and UltraSync Blue Slate. Additionally, Timecode System devices including the Ultrasync Blue can be integrated. 

When connecting an HMDI camera and an external audio source to the Ninja V, latency can occur between the two signals. With timecode, it's important to adjust the drift so everything is in sync. Previously, setting the off-set delay on the Ninja V was trial and error. Now, the AtomX SYNC will calibrate this automatically in less than 2 seconds. 


Changing the battery is simple too. The Ninja V has an internal battery that powers the unit for around 5 minutes allowing you to hot swap the main battery when needed. When using the AtomX SYNC, Ninja V users will need to update to AtomOS 10.4 to access advanced features.

Price & Availability 

The Atomos AtomX SYNC module will be available for $149