For those who have worked in film and video for several years—if not decades—it might be funny to imagine that there’s a contingent of content creators who have only ever shot footage on iPhones and other smartphone devices.

And while the results might not have been too comparable to higher-end video formats in the past, with the new iPhone 15 Pro and its Apple Log recording, smartphone video is no longer a gimmick. It also means that iPhone videographers are just now problem-solving the myriad of issues that come with higher-end video footage and larger file sizes.

Thankfully, while there have been some handy SSD options for iPhone filmmakers already released, a new product by Kondor Blue and Angelbird is here to unlock a recording module compatible with USB-C and Magsafe and available for CFexpress Type B and SD cards.

Let’s take a look.

A Kondor Blue and Angelbird Collaboration

Before we dive into this new recording module, let’s first look at the companies that are bringing us this new innovation. Kondor Blue and Angelbird are both up-and-coming brands in the film and video space that have made their names by providing smart and effective solutions for new digital media problems in the industry.

Kondor Blue offers a wide range of production accessories, including some notable Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera camera cages, as well as other innovations out of their offices in Los Angeles.

On the other end, Angelbird is a company from Austria that offers plenty of diverse media card and storage options for the ever-changing digital media landscape.

These exciting new brands have teamed up to provide a unique solution to a very unique problem, which is simply—what’s the best way to handle all of the high-end footage being recorded by iPhone 15 Pro and Max smartphones?

Alternate iPhone 15 Pro Recording Options

As mentioned above, there have already been some solutions to this problem already innovated in the industry. We’ve seen some handy grip mounts to help iPhone users attach an SSD to their camera so that they can record directly to it.

However, creators are certainly on the hunt for other options as well.

This new Recording Module for Magsafe iPhone 15 Pro models promises to be a helpful and versatile tool for any type of iPhone content creator. Compatible with a Magsafe mount, this tool can be attached to your iPhone with its MagSafe-compatible case. It also features a USB-C connection that will further make it compatible with any camera that has a USB-C recording option—but that will be sold separately.

When working with CFexpress Type B and SD cards, this recording module can reach speeds of 20 Gb/s, which should be more than enough to ensure that you’ll be able to continuously record in any of the file formats that Apple currently offers for the iPhone 15 Pro.

iPhone Magsafe Recording Module

iPhone Magsafe Recording Module

Kondor Blue

Price and Availability

The module itself has a¼”-20 mount with male and female options for any standard 3mm anti-twist pins and a magnet attachment to keep it securely fastened to your iPhone. Here are more specs and details:

  • External recording in up to 4k 60 fps on CFexpress Type B Media
  • For use with the iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max
  • USB-C 3.2 Gen 2x2 up to 20 Gb/s
  • Recessed connection port ensures stable, uninterrupted data transfer
  • USB Bus-Powered no additional power source required
  • Endures extreme temperatures and shock
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • ¼”-20 Mount with male/female options for ARRI standard 3mm anti-twist pins
  • Magnetic array compatible with MagSafe for quick connection
  • 5” USB-C 3.2 Right Angle to Straight angle cable included
The recording module is currently available for pre-order in two different color versions on Kondor Blue’s website for $99.99.