Deity has a new on-camera microphone, the D4 DUO, that features a dual cardioid microphone capsules that can capture the front and rear sound fields around the camera. 

The microphone is designed for vloggers or journalists using DSLR, mirrorless, and smartphone cameras, capturing audio from both sides of the camera so users don't sound muffled or distant when they narrate a scene or ask questions. 


The D4 DUO also features a 3.5mm input that bypasses audio from the rear microphone capsule. When inserting a 3.5mm input, the right channel of camera audio will become the auxiliary input, and the left channel will become the audio coming from the front capsule of the D4 DUO. This allows audio to be captured from any 3.5mm input, including audio from a wireless receiver, as well as the audio from the microphone at the same time. A switch at the top changes its operating modes. 

Price & Availability

The D4 DUO will retail for $99 and ship with 2x Deity faux fur windshields, a Rycote® Lyre Shockmount, and a coiled 3.5mm TRS cable. It should start shipping in the next few months. Find out more on its product page