Sundance Institute has just launched Sundance Co//ab, an international creative platform for creators to share work and learn from some of the industry's best filmmakers. And No Film School readers can try it for free!

The platform, which exited beta yesterday, provides free educational videos, interviews, courses, and hand-picked resources to members.

Subscribers have access to more intensive learning resources as well as personal project feedback. What could be better than getting your work in front of industry professionals who want to help you make it stronger?

Sundance LabsCredit: Sundance Institute/Jen Fairchild

Many of us will be familiar with Sundance Labs, the highly selective residential program that mentors filmmakers, and that creative experience has now been expanded for a global community through Sundance Co//ab.

The platform already boasts a membership of 20,000 across 189 countries.

Members can enjoy learning independently through a curated video library or choose interactive online courses with industry professionals and creative peers. Monthly challenges also provide unique opportunities for you to get your work recognized.

Now No Film School readers can get a free month of access to Sundance Co//ab.

As a member, you'll have access to these site features:

  • Give and receive feedback for your works in progress from a Sundance Advisor and other Members when you post and participate in "Share Your Work."
  • Receive answers to your questions posted to the Sundance Advisor Q&A. 
  • Join discussion forums where you can connect with other Members.
  • Invitations to new, exclusive monthly Advisor Q&A Live Webinars.
  • Access to new community initiatives like online writing and study directing groups.

To try Sundance Co//ab for free, just visit our partner page.

Sundance LabsCredit: Sundance Institute/Calvin Knight

You can check out the subscription plans here. Co//ab also offers need-based scholarships to 20% of all participants.

“Co//ab is a safe and generous space for artists to share their work, get feedback and become better storytellers,” said Michelle Satter, founding director of Sundance Institute’s Feature Film Program. “We believe that storytellers have the power to describe, shape, and imagine the world they want to live in. Co//ab gives them the tools, inspiration, and community for their creative expression across all forms.”

The site is kicking things off with a free webinar with the Duplass brothers! Other upcoming offerings include courses about writing a screenplay's first act, creating a TV pilot and series outline, or prepping for your first film as a director.

Source: Sundance Co//ab