We know, everyone loves to shoot film these days. Whether it be 35mm photography—which of course can be scanned and uploaded to Instagram—or with actual moving picture cameras, analog is back. Or, at least, the look is.

One of the main reasons (although, not the only one of course) that a lot of shooters and content creators are interested in Fujifilm’s latest array of digital cameras is the Fujifilm film simulation modes. And, as we’ve covered the different options before, one of the most popular modes is REALA ACE—which is now set to come to several new Fujifilm cameras for the first time.

Let’s look at this popular film simulation mode and explore how you can potentially add it to your cameras too.

Fujifilm REALA ACE Film Simulation

First introduced and launched with the GFX 100 II, the REALA ACE film simulation mode has been a staple of Fujifilm’s popular film modes for quite some time now. And it’s been one of the more popular options in the very-popular latest Fujifilm cameras like the X100VI and the X-T50.

So, it’s quite exciting for other Fujifilm filmmakers, or those interested in possibly getting a Fujifilm camera, to see that Fujifilm is adding this film sim mode to the following cameras: X-H2, X-H2S, X-T5, and XS-20.

Here’s how you can download and add them to these cameras yourself. We’ll keep you posted if Fujifilm adds more film simulation modes to any other cameras in the future too.