The Baader Meinhof phenomenon is in full effect at No Film School. It was only a few days ago when we dove into the significance of lens metadata and how the Zeiss eXtended Data protocol can be more beneficial for visual effects artists than Cooke's i/Technology or ARRI's LDS metadata. Now, Fujinon has added support for the protocol for its Premista series zooms. 

Fujinon's Premista series are high-end cinema lenses that you'll most likely rent rather than buy because of their $38,000 price tag. But if you have the cash, feel free to shop here.

The lineup debuted last year with a 28-100mm T2.9 and an 80-250mm T2.9-3.5, but it was announced that a new 19-45mm T2.9 model will come out in 2021. 

The lenses are built for large-format image capture and are capable of covering a 46.3mm image circle. So if you're shooting on the Sony VENICE, RED DSMC2, or ARRI, they have you covered. (Even ARRI LF Open Gate at 44.71mm.)

Zeiss eXtended Data is based on Cooke’s i/Technology, which provides real-time information for focal length, focus settings, iris, horizontal field of view, depth of field, and entrance pupil position. That alone is extremely useful for productions. What makes the Zeiss protocol the go-to for virtual production and visual effects is that it provides real-time shading and lens distortion information as well. This allows productions to place objects in the scene with the same parameters of the lens or manipulate that information in post. 

The lens distortion data is based on the focal point, while the shading (darkened corners of the captured image on the sensor) is based on the focal point and the T-stop. Having this type of information is a win-win for the VFX world. 

To take advantage of the new protocol, the update will need to go through a Fujifilm Optical Devices Service Center and will require Premista version D firmware. Once updated, Fujifilm says it will be fully compatible with camera manufacturers and other devices from Transvideo, Pomfort, and Ambient Recording as well as Unity and Unreal gaming engines. 

If you're a Sony VENICE user, make sure you're running version 6.0 and DSMC2 build version 7.4.1 for RED. 

When the Premista 19-45mm T2.9 ships it will have the eXtended Data already included. 

Source: Fujifilm