According to rumors, Apple is set to bring OLED to its iPad line, even before it does for its laptops. If you’re someone who currently uses or is open to trying out, Apple’s new Final Cut Pro for iPad, this should be great news.

Let’s take a look at some of these reports and look into not only when this might happen, but why Apple is focusing so much on their iPad line even over their laptops and other devices.

Plus, if you haven’t checked it out lately, let’s review some of the best (or potentially most promising) elements of Final Cut Pro for iPad and the future of tablet video editing.

OLED iPad Pro Rumors

As mentioned above, these rumors are indicating that an OLED iPad Pro is indeed on its way. The biggest reports come from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman via the subscriber Q&A section of his Power On newsletter.

According to Gurman’s reports, Apple has an OLED iPad Pro coming next year which should be the “first major overhaul in half a decade.”

Gurman further reports that this new OLED iPad Pro should come in the form of an 11-inch model as well as a 13-inch version, and additional reports seem to indicate that these two new OLED iPads will be using the same LTPO tech that can be found in Apple Watches and the latest iPhones.

The Advantages of OLED

For those a bit unfamiliar though, let’s talk a bit about OLED technology and its advantages over LCD. Apple started using OLED screens back in 2017, first with the iPhone X and the first Apple Watch models. However, while Apple has been adding OLED to more products, it hasn’t happened as quickly as perhaps many users would like.

The biggest advantages of OLED over LCD really come down to contrast and brightness. LCD monitors can struggle with contrast and can sometimes make it hard to discern different shadow levels, whether that be for films, video games, or just your video edits.

OLED Final Cut Pro for iPad

As we covered when it was first announced, Final Cut Pro for iPad has presented some interesting questions in the world of video editing. Most notably, the question of whether or not tablet-based editing might ever be more appealing than desktop or laptop video editing seems most apt.

While that might always be more of a personal question rather than an industry question for now, having an OLED iPad Pro could provide a huge boost to any content creators already using Final Cut Pro for iPad—or at the very least interested in trying it out.

With OLED screens (and most likely updated specs as well) these new iPad Pros could inch that much closer to rivaling desktop or laptop video editing. With better and brighter colors and contrast, the OLED technology should also help editors craft their ideal versions of their videos.

We’ll keep you up to date on any official news or releases from Apple here soon.