Popular post production asset company Maxon is always keeping up with the latest trends in elevating pictures digitally—whether its generating a slick transition or the addition of particles.

Whether its Z Brush, Cinema, Red Shift, Forger, or Red Giant, Maxon's creative suite is robust for all kinds of digital work spaces. As an editor I've worked extensively with their different softwares and they're all pretty handy and user friendly.

We catch up with Maxon and get a sneak peak at what they're developing, as well as some hands on play with Cinema 4D at their NAB booth.

CFA Checks in With Maxon at NAB and Plays Around With Cinema 4D

Check out a quick interview with Steve Hogue, followed by a hands-on look at motion graphics software Cinema 4D's node-based system. We also get a little insight on to how powerful your machine might need to be to successfully run Maxon software.

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