I love being able to read and listen to work that summarizes some of my favorite filmmakers. And the Pure Cinema Podcast delivers on all fronts. It covers cult films, filmmakers, stars, and legends. 

And I was elated to see they now have about seven hours covering David Lynch.

Hosts Elric Kane and Brian Saur deliver a two-part series dedicated to Lynch's career, starting with Eraserhead (1977) and ending with Inland Empire (2006). It's a thorough exploration into Lynch's work and similar titles that resemble them in theme and tone. 

I really enjoyed listening to them dissect Lynch's career, covering the movies he made and almost made. Reading movies with these kinds of layers takes time, so it's great to have two parts. I would listen to the dissection of The Elephant Man alone. Hearing them cover themes of what "doing good" actually means in the film and the idea of what makes you a "good person" juxtaposed against traditional horror scenes was something I had never considered before. 

And that's just one bit of the first part. Check out Part Two here! 

In the second part, we hear a ton about the Twin Peaks universe and get into some of the more complicated titles in the Lynchography. I didn't know Mulholland Drive was originally a pilot. He switched after ABC passed on it, using transcendental meditation to dream the last 50 minutes of the movie, which is what made him see it as a movie instead of a pilot. 

This is great stuff and an amazing walk through Lynch's process. 

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