This weekend's box office king was A Quiet Place: Day One. It was incredibly popular and is the third movie in the Quiet Place universe.

We actually just had writer-director Michael Sarnoski on our podcast to talk about the movie.

But after seeing the film, all anyone in my friend group was talking about was the ending.

So, let's explain it below.

'A Quiet Place: Day One' Ending Explained

The movie begins with Sam, a cancer patient, on a trip to Manhattan with a nurse and other hospice residents. She's promised pizza on her way home if she goes. So she decides to take the journey.

But then, the trip is interrupted by the alien invasion.

Sam, along with some other survivors, seek refuge in a theater. They soon realize that the aliens hunt by sound and have to stay quiet to survive.

And Sam realizes that she's probably going to die without having the pizza she wanted. Either the aliens or the cancer will get her.

While in the theater, Sam tries to protect her cat Frodo from making noise.

After her nurse friend sacrifices himself to turn off a noisy generator, Sam decides she cannot stay there. She embarks on a journey back to her Harlem home, despite her deteriorating health, to get the pizza she wants before she dies.

Her cat, Frodo, winds up introducing her to a guy named Eric, who has panic attacks and is overwhelmed by the chaos.

Sam and Eric face many challenges on their journey, including accidental loud noises and dangerous encounters with the aliens, including a very cool scene where they ride in a sewer pipe to a church. And Eric is able to find her medicine to help her deal with her cancer.

We learn her cancer could kill her any day now.

Despite the challenges, they form a bond and become friends.

Sam's goal is to revisit her childhood memories, including a specific pizza place she used to go to with her father, that's next to a jazz club where he used to play piano.

When they arrive at the pizza place, they find out that it has been destroyed. However, Eric manages to find pizza from another restaurant and they share a meal together inside the jazz club.

Sam is able to get closure there, and Eric is able to navigate his crippling fear.

After revisiting her memories, Sam decides to create a diversion for Eric to help him escape New York on a boat that's sailing away.

She sacrifices herself by making noise to lure the aliens away from him. Eric escapes on a boat with Frodo.

Sam survives this diversion, and is able to see her friend and cat get away safely.

The next day, when it is sunny out, Sam walks down the street, listening to Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" on her portable speaker with headphones.

This symbolizes her newfound appreciation for life and her acceptance of her impending death. We also see Sam's decision to embrace her death on her own terms shows her resilience and determination to find joy in the face of adversity.

By removing her earphones and letting the music play loudly, Sam knowingly attracts the sound-sensitive aliens. The film cuts to black as an alien descends upon her, leaving her fate ambiguous...but I think we can assume she dies.

Still, she dies in control, and with the closure she sought at the end.

Have a different interpretation?

Let me know in the comments.