Prime lenses can be pricey, but SIGMA has managed to put together an impressive array of affordable, yet high performing lenses that make for a viable alternative. And this year, on the eve of IBC, is no different. The lens company has announced a new line of Classic, high-speed Cinema Prime Lenses, which are designed to take full advantage of large format and full-frame image sensors. And they look NICE.

The lens lineup includes ten lenses and include:

  • 14mm T3.2
  • 20mm T2.5
  • 24mm T2.5
  • 28mm T2.5
  • 35mm T2.5
  • 40mm T.2.5
  • 50mm T2.5
  • 85mm T2.5
  • 105mm T2.5
  • 135mm T3.2


Tech Specs

  • PL mount (Cooke /i Technology compatible)
  • Image circle diameter: FF 43.3mm
  • Illumination circle diameter: over 46.3mm 
  • Focus ring: Marked in feet/meters 
  • Number of diaphragm blades: 9 (circular aperture) 
  • Luminous option for focus ring/iris ring markings 


The central feature of the FF Classic line is the newly developed lens coatings on their glass elements, along with durable lens coating in the front and rear to guard against scratches and other damage as time goes on. SIGMA has also incorporated Cooke's communication protocol "/i Technology" which will translate more metadata that can be used in post-production for more efficient workflows, including visual effects, which require more shooting data to process.

The lenses are being released with PL mounts, but SIGMA has also developed a PL-L mount converter. This makes them ideal for shooting with Panasonic's S1H Full Frame mirrorless camera. Though, as a founding member of the L Mount Alliance, I wonder if there are plans to create an L Mount centric set later on down the road.

Sigma_classicprimesCredit: SIGMA

As stated in their press release prototypes of the FF Classic Prime Lens line were field-tested by cinematographers during principal photography on Paramount's upcoming aviation blockbuster TOP GUN: Maverick, starring Tom Cruise, and we may have already seen some of that footage in the trailer below:

This short film shot by TImur Civan and directed by Bhavani Lee also shows you what kinds of images these lenses are capable of capturing. Check it out below:

The lenses will be available by the end of 2019 in a ten prime lens set. Price is TBD. SIGMA is also considering giving existing SIGMA PL mount lens customers a conversion path to make their existing lenses /i Technology-compatible.

If you're at IBC, you can see the entire lens lineup at their booth

Source: SIGMA