Can you make a big-budget, sci-fi film that isn’t a franchise, a sequel, or a reboot, and tackle it using an indie mindset? That’s what the team behind the film, The Creator did. The film, which tells a story about a war between humanity and artificial intelligence, is currently in theaters.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s Charles Haine speaks with DP Oren Soffer to discuss:

  • Being offered a co-DP position on the film
  • How shooting on one lens made the VFX much easier to work with
  • The differences in lenses over time that affect their consistency
  • Leaning into natural light as much as possible
  • Wanting to maintain the creative energy of guerilla-style filmmaking
  • How the project originally got the green light from the studio
  • Working in a very trusting environment
  • Looking at tons of reference images the director pulled from

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