Weak Layers is Katie Burrell’s feature film, which she not only directed but co-wrote and acted in. The film invites us to truly understand ski culture, unlike many unrealistic ski movies of the past. With this film, Katie proves that a novice director can stay true to their vision while also leading with transparency, humility, and positivity along the way.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins, speaks with Katie Burrell to discuss:

  • Feeling excited about theatrical releases in ski towns
  • Creating such a niche film
  • What Katie can’t stand about other ski movies
  • The unique, diverse cast and what they brought to the film
  • Directing in extreme climates
  • Being honest about her lack of experience
  • How she kept up morale on set
  • Why they didn’t do any playback
  • How they created an organic party vibe on set

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