June 14, 2010

Will Letus Direct Bring Anything New to the DSLR Game?

Letus Direct is well known for their 35mm adapters (I've shot with their top-quality Letus Ultimate paired with a HVX-200), but they've been conspicuously sitting out the DSLR accessorizing game until now. Their recently announced DSLR products look like a combination of Zacuto and Redrock Micro products and are shipping later this month; the question is whether Letus will bring anything new to the game. Here's what I think is missing from the market: a rig with a shoulder support that's not tremendously front-heavy. This would allow shooters to treat DSLRs more like 35mm cameras, which would enable the kind of handheld camera movement I'm going for. LetusDSLR »

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If their pricing is good, they won't have to bring anything new -- certainly needs to be better than Zacuto

June 15, 2010 at 11:54AM, Edited September 4, 7:26AM