Olivia-wilde-cnnbc-224x137Regardless of your political affiliation, if you're an American, today's the day to, ah, "rock the vote." This video may come from a PAC you don't agree with, but I hope you appreciate the clever writing and Facebook-based personalization features all the same. Click on through to see a customized version of future news network CNNBC, with a scary tale of RepubliCorp's takeover.

If you don't view the custom version, here's a video embed of the generic video. But I recommend checking out the much better personalized version, for which you have to surrender your Facebook info (you can always remove the app when you're done watching).

Directed by Yaniv Raz, written by MoveOn’s Laura Dawn and Onion News Network’s Michael Pielocik, starring Olivia Wilde and Romany Malco.


Stateside readers can very easily find out where to vote by putting in a home address here. For the rest of the world, pardon the interruption and I hope you appreciate the personalization features of the video all the same!