If you were one of the lucky few who got in on the recent RED SCARLET deal (or you already owned one), RED has just announced a new stable firmware update that allows the HDMI and the HD-SDI to output a signal simultaneously on both the EPIC and the SCARLET. This had previously been impossible without the use of a splitter of some kind, but it's clear that the EPIC and SCARLET are powerful enough to not only record internally, but also send out two debayered signals at the same time. Check out the rest of the major additions in this update below.

These are some of the significant additions in this release -- version 3.3.14:

  • Added Pro IO Support (Video, Audio, Timecode, Sync, Genlock, GPIO and PWR)
  • Added Pro IO Power Control
  • Added Pro IO and Camera Audio Output Mix Control
  • Added Audio Playback
  • Added HD-SDI and HDMI Audio
  • Added Pro IO HD-SDI audio on PREVIEW and PLAYBACK
  • Added Overlay Menu on left/right side of touch screen (Soft Keys)
  • Added Frame Guide Menus
  • Added Lookaround support
  • Added higher frame rates 312,325,330,336,350,360,375,384,390
  • Added simultaneous HDMI and HD-SDI outputs
  • Added Nikon Mount support
  • Added Monochrome Epic support
  • Added 512GB and 48GB SSD Support

Many of these had already existed in a Beta release, but this is the first stable update to contain these additions. The EPIC and SCARLET are not run and gun cameras by any means, but if you're in a solo shooting situation, it's likely you've got audio going into the camera, so having the ability to hear that audio on playback is important. We're still waiting on those lower-priced REDMAGs which are 48GB, but support has been added in the this firmware ahead of release.

I know some of you were trying to avoid buying the 5" RED Touch LCD, but then it was mentioned that the Touch LCD was required after performing a firmware upgrade. Searching through the REDUser forum, I came across the answer, and it seems RED has made it possible to use a third party monitor even after a firmware upgrade:

The only issue with using a 3rd party monitor as a primary monitor is switching the menus to it after a firmware update. At first we had to ask for a force HDMI preset for each new firmware but now red has created a download package with everything you could need. It’s found in the support section of red.com in the downloads portion and it’s called DSMC resources. Inside will be a series of folders one should be preset files, inside of that will be a selection between firmwares select your, then select the preset you want 720 or 1080, hdsdi or hdmi. Now all you have to do is place the file in a folder named force_preset in the root of your ssd, boot the camera it will run the force preset and then the screen should turn on.

You can find the firmware upgrade from RED using the link below.

Link: RED Firmware Upgrade -- Downloads