While Episodes I, II, and III certainly had their share of issues, and I'm a huge fan of the whole series, I think they're better in a lot of ways than people give them credit for, and the original films have so much nostalgia surrounding them that it's hard to see the flaws (the Ewoks are kind of silly, and it's unlikely a bunch of living teddy bears could be any use against the Empire). Though George Lucas wrote and directed Star Wars: Episode IV, he actually didn't direct, and wasn't the only writer, on Episodes V and VI. Contrast that with his total and complete control writing and directing all three prequels, and you can see where problems might arise.

Either way, one thing he's not given much credit for is the cyclical nature of the series, and the way Episodes I, II, and III refer back to the films in the original trilogy. Some of them were inevitable nods, and not necessarily intentionally done, but many others are a way of tying the series together. In this video from Pablo Fernández Eyre, here is a look at the Star Wars films in a way you may never have seen:

Certainly the music is a little dramatic, but the point is definitely made. A few of these might have been obvious if you're a big fan of the films, but others are insignificant moments outside of the fact that they have complements in both trilogies. 

Even though Lucas isn't directly involved in making The Force Awakens, since a bunch of the same characters are returning, and we know J.J. Abrams has a lot of respect for Episodes IV, V and VI, I would expect that we are going to see more of these nods to scenes in the original films. Now that we have six films in the series, there will likely be many more opportunities to make the cyclical nature of this universe more apparent, and show how everything is connected.

For more of Pablo's terrific videos, check out his Vimeo page.

Source: Pablo Fernández Eyre