This Screenplay Contest Puts Your Work into the Hands of Francis Ford Coppola

The result may be an offer you can't refuse.

Francis Ford Coppola's production company American Zoetrope is now accepting entries for its annual screenplay contest. The contest, now in its fourteenth year, is a great opportunity not only to make some cash, but get your script in the hands of some crazy powerful industry professionals.

Ten finalists are chosen by the American Zoetrope staff from which Francis Ford Coppola himself selects his one stand out favorite. That winner will then receive the grand prize of $5000. This year, as a sign of the times, the contest has also been opened to one hour original television pilots.

The winner and nine honorable-mentions will be considered for representation by:

  • William Morris Endeavor
  • CAA
  • The Gersh Agency
  • Exile Entertainment
  • ICM
  • Oasis Media
  • UTA
  • The Radmin Company
  • Prolific Entertainment
  • Energy Entertainment 
  • Dontanville/Frattaroli

'Apocalypse Now'

Their scripts will also be considered for film option and development by leading production companies, including:

  • American Zoetrope
  • Samuel Goldwyn Films
  • Fox Searchlight
  • Sony Pictures Classics
  • IFC Entertainment
  • Paramount Classics
  • Verisimilitude
  • Lionsgate
  • Icon Pictures
  • Lleju Productions and Films
  • Second and 10th
  • Working Title
  • Dimension Films
  • Frelaine
  • Michael London Productions
  • Hope for Film
  • Kulture Machine
  • Number 9 Films
  • Folo Films
  • Pretty Pictures
  • Roserock Films
  • Benderspink
  • Astrakan Films
  • Industry Entertainment
  • Anonymous Content
  • Jim Wedaa Productions
  • Robert Evans Company
  • Fortis Films
  • Jean Doumanian Productions
  • Agape Media International
  • FX
  • Ziskin Productions

The contest only costs $35 to enter if you get your submission in by the early deadline of August 15. The final deadline is September 15 and comes with a $50 fee. Be sure to check out the submission formatting requirements on their FAQ page before you submit your screenplay here.     

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Everything from Coppola is a pure masterpiece. He's made for making movies.

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Coppola is the best

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