On a production floor out in Southern California, some of the best digital cinema cameras are being manufactured to be sold to professional filmmakers with a $50,000 price tag attached. I'm talking, of course, about RED Digital Cinema's line of high-end shooters. 

The company released a video earlier this month that takes you to its headquarters in Irvine, California to get a rare behind-the-scenes at its manufacturing process. It's a short video that runs less than 3 minutes and doesn't offer any explanation of or narration about what exactly is going on in the facilities, but still—you're watching some of the best, most expensive digital cameras being born, so who really cares?

It's quite a beautiful sight to behold—the artisanship, not the cameras. (Okay, the cameras, too.) As you can see in the video, RED offers a little peek at not only the Helium censor but at its new flagship camera, the $80,000 Weapon 8K VV with Monstro sensor. And look, it's all So-Cal made. Queue the warm fuzzies.

Source: RED Digital Cinema