Trust us, we don’t want to only write about new AI tools and features all the time, but they just keep coming out so we kind of have no choice here.

While this one shouldn't be too surprising to see, a new AI tool called “Deepdub” is already revolutionizing the world of audio dubbing by providing AI-powered dubs for streaming shows in different languages and even accents.

Let’s take a look at this AI tech and check out how it works, plus explore how it might be a good option for indie filmmakers to consider using for their own projects.

The AI Dubbing Revolution

Again, we’re also getting a bit tired of calling everything in AI a new “revolution” for each industry it touches, but it’s hard to phrase it any other way. The world of audio dubbing is about to get completely rocked by AI, and one of the first major players in this space is the Deepdub app.

Already a tool used by Hollywood studios and major streaming services, Deepdub is one of the best-in-class voice and dubbing softwares out there. And, if you’re a studio exec or simply a video and audio editor, this AI tool does have a lot to offer.

Designed not only for films and streaming shows, Deepdub can help with everything from YouTube videos and Podcasts to corporate video, documentaries, and video games. Any type of content that requires tons of audio and video that possibly needs to be dubbed would probably benefit the most.

Also, outside of audio dubbing into different languages, Deepdub offers a full end-to-end collaboration studio, auto-audio splitting, and dialogue isolation controls, plus other lip movement and timing sync options. It certainly seems like the whole package at this point.

AI Accents Controls

Deepdub has also recently launched a new “Accent Control” feature that is pretty impressive as well. You can use this tool to instantly change the reading of your performers’ accents to be more in line with the region you’re either trying to capture or present the project.

For example, if you’re shooting a scene with American performers speaking in English, you can use these controls to instantly change it to United Kingdom or Australian accents, plus other options for other native language accents speaking English.

As you can see in the sample video below, it’s pretty scary too.

Pricing and Availability

While it’s a bit hard to find exact pricing on how much Deepdub’s services and tools cost as their website wants to direct most inquiries to book a demo, from some competitor pricing options it does seem like these services might be a pit pricey for solo producers at this point, instead opting to work mostly with bigger clients like the streaming apps and larger studios.

Still, this technology will most likely only get better and cheaper as time goes on, so you might want to keep your eye on it if you think it might help your own projects and workflows.