Since being acquired by Adobe back in 2021, has become more and more a part of the Adobe ecosystem, and a major part of many video professionals' and editors' workflows.

And while has always been good at what it does best, which is collaboration and review, its latest update is by far its most major—and it could very well end up being a game-changer for all of us.

Back at NAB 2024, and part of the Adobe booth now, we caught up with CEO Emery Wells to learn more about this latest version 4 update, which promises to bring major new framework and folder system updates to the platform, plus many more new and exciting features as well.

Check it out below. Chats Version 4 at NAB 2024

In a conversation with our video coverage hosts from Cinematography for Actors, we got the chance to chat with Emery Wells about this latest update for, which promises to be a complete redesign in many ways and represents perhaps the biggest shift for the company since its acquisition by Adobe.

Dubbed its “biggest update yet,” this version 4 update should bring about a new dynamic metadata framework, a smart collections folder system, and even multi-panel customization. Hear everything new and coming to in our convo below.

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