Editorial travel and commercial automotive photographer Arjun Menon was inspired by a Gorillaz song. What happened next is truly badass. 

But the finished product isn't the only thing that deserves attention. On his Instagram account, he gives us a look at the set-up, how he captured this image, and what considerations came into play as he did it. 

He added the following details, "For this image I wanted to show a realistic cityscape, something that wouldn't be too distracting. Realistic sets make bigger problems, I realized. I began by choosing my skyscraper, needed a long grill that looked symmetrical and could pass light. Tada, found my rooms AC cover as the perfect candidate. I used its filters and the other two surrounding buildings. Found a few more things like Keyboards, Bluetooth speakers, dumbbells as buildings. Then made a road map with rice lights. Added candle LEDs as building lights. Loved the way this shot came to life with practical effects!"

There is so much to like about this. People using their time in quarantine to sharpen their skills, create cool imagery, and open up all our minds to what is possible with limited resources available. We can't wait to see more.

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Source: Reddit