We saw a ridiculous amount of great gear while walking around at year's CineGear, from Panasonic's 6K S1H to Angenieux's new Optimo cine primes.

However, there were a select number of very unique, very cool items that just totally blew our minds.

I mean, there's the Prodigy from Bright Tangerine, which cleans water and dust and sand off of your lens filters by blowing air at it at 300mph. There are the Rota-Streak lens filters from Lindsey Optics that have lens effects baked right in. And the little Gaffers Control from SPOTS, which is essentially a wireless DMX desk in a box.

You did good, CineGear. Our heads look like the business end of an exploding cigar.

Which pieces of gear blew your mind at CineGear 2019? Let us know down below.

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