MagmaWhen not busy transitioning people from boxed software to their subscription option, Adobe occasionally takes time out to partner with talented users to bring projects created with their tools to fruition. In that spirit, the company reached out to Barcelona's collaborative direction, live action, and animation project Dvein, to create an impressive liquid motion art piece called Magma for the launch of the Creative Cloud. Take a look after the jump:

Largely known for their award-winning title design and ident work, Dvein's three creative directors Fernando Domínguez, Teo Guillem, and Carlos Pardo decided to use the opportunity of the commission to create their first music video; turning to The Vein to provide the music which would form the foundation of the film. Aside from the live action shoot aspects of the project -- capture on a RED with a mix of Arri 200mm, 100mm, 60mm, and 16/24/32/40mm Macro lenses -- which required additional crew, Magma was fully produced in-house over two months by the trio of directors, 3D assistant Alba Ribera and producer Marga Sardà.

Sardà walks us through the production process:

Mainly, the Creative Suite tools that we used the most were After Effects and Photoshop, but of course there was a lot of use of 3D software involved. We followed usual process for mix-media pieces: we did some tests with paint before the shoot, to see which effects we could generate the day of the shooting and also an animatic of the whole video. We implemented all the live action material into the 3D material we generated, we got the heads modeled in ZBrush to help us with the tracking, and finally rendered it all and did the comp.

And here's the behind the scenes video of the piece coming together:

Although I've totally failed to find any official information, it seems that Magma was commissioned under the banner of what Adobe is calling the 'Creative Series,' which naturally leads me to believe that we should expect to see more Creative Suite powered projects funded by the company in the future (in fact, rumors suggest some of these will come from Vasava in the design field, qubibi for web, and Erik Johansson for photography). I'm aware that Adobe also recently sponsored HaZ Dulull's sci-fi short Project Kronos, but that production appears to fall outside of the Creative Series.

What do you think of Dvein's abstract art piece? Has it whet your appetite for more Adobe sponsored films?

Link: Dvein

Disclosure: Adobe is a No Film School advertiser.