As we’ve covered numerous times now, the iPhone 15 Pro is proving to be the most capable—and most impressive—smartphone video cameras ever produced. It blows its competition out of the water with its Apple Log recording and seems to be changing the industry as we speak.

And, when any new revolutionary product enters the market, there’s a rush to fill the other areas that this product needs. In this case, working with said Apple Log footage requires extra help. In the past this could be done with FiLMiC Pro, but with recent layoffs and a strategy change, it’s now being filled with the new Blackmagic Camera app.

We’ve covered how to get started with the Blackmagic Camera app in the past, but if you’d like a primer on how to specifically work with the app and your iPhone 15 Pro and its Apple Log recording, here’s everything you’ll need to know.

The Best Settings for the Blackmagic Camera App

As you can see in the video below by YouTube creator Matt WhoisMatt Johnson, there’s a lot to cover when it comes to how the Blackmagic Camera app works—and specifically pairs with the iPhone 15 Pro. However, despite all of its unique features, it’s a pretty simple-to-use app at its core.

And, as we’ve seen with iPhones over the years, while they’re feature-rich as well, their intuitive design and controls are pretty easy to learn and follow as well. The only real trick is learning how to use them together, and then how to make the most out of their robust capabilities.

And trust us, there are a lot of features and controls to go over. From everything like recording codecs, resolution, and color space, to shooting tools like ISO, white balance, and zebras, it’s probably best that you follow along with the video below.

The Best App for iPhone 15 Pro

Also, as you can see in the video, while it’s not a necessity, the Blackmagic Camera app really does a great job of unlocking all of the capabilities contained within this latest iPhone. The iPhone 15 Pro’s best feature is its Apple Log recording, but it takes a bit of know-how to make the most of this feature.

If you’d like to hyper-focus on any of the areas in the video above, here are some of the best sections’ timestamps:

  • 0:45 Codec, Resolution, Color Space
  • 2:25 White Balance and Zebras
  • 3:12 Native ISO for BEST Dynamic Range
  • 6:32 The Last Hurdle - Avoiding Overexposure
\u200bThe Blackmagic Camera app

The Blackmagic Camera app

Blackmagic Design

Finding the Right Settings for You

However, all that being said, at the end of the day—while it is helpful to go over someone’s favorite settings to understand them—it’s going to really be up to you and your preferences. If you’d like to shoot at the max resolution for the highest-quality footage possible, obviously, that would make sense.

However, if you know your limitations and would like to record at lower specs that you’re more comfortable with as a way to better manage file sizes and transfer speeds, that’s okay too. It also can be fun to just play around with the different settings and controls on your own as a way to hone your skills and experiment with the different interfaces and controls too.

So, watch the video above, review some of the advice, and then have fun with it.