As the smartphone videography world continues to grow and shed its gimmicky appeal, the Blackmagic Camera app has become one of the more popular options for those seriously exploring this budding smartphone filmmaking industry.

Since its release, the Blackmagic Camera app has already had several updates as it continues to improve and keep up with the latest new features and tools being added to iPhone models like the iPhone 14 Pro and the 15 Pro.

As things continue to advance in this space, the Blackmagic Camera app has received another new update that features some helpful improvements and new support features. Let’s check out everything new coming to the Blackmagic Camera app with update version 1.3.

Blackmagic Camera App Update Version 1.3

The biggest news here might be the support for some new features, including audio monitoring on connected earphones that should be huge for those looking to more seriously use their iPhone as the main camera for their video projects.

The new update will also add support for rack focus controls in the camera, which should give shooters some more sophisticated cinematography moves at their disposal, as well as support for 48mm lenses on your iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro models.

Here’s everything new, as well as where you can download this latest update:

  • Support for audio monitoring on connected earphones.
  • Support for rack focus controls in the camera.
  • Support for 48mm lens on iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro.
  • Smoother animations when switching between landscape and portrait.
  • Faster project listing in the media tab.
  • Reduced latency for HDMI video feeds.
  • Name, reel, scene and take now display over HDMI during recording.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

And, as always, you can download new updates on Blackmagic’s website here.