We know, we hear from Apple-heads all the time about how iPhones are the best and only smartphone brand in the world and that texting with your non-iMessage friends is the worst. We’ve also heard from all the Android users in the world pining about how iPhones dominate both news coverage and usually get the more creator-focused apps and features first—or sometimes exclusively.

To make everyone happy now, Blackmagic Design has let us know at NAB 2024 that they’re finally rolling out an Android version of their popular Camera app. Here’s what you need to know.

Blackmagic Camera App for Android

Speaking with folks from the Blackmagic Design team at NAB 2024, they certainly had quite a bit of news to share with the world this year. From their new URSA Cine 12K to the new box-style PYXIS 6K, to a whole suite of new updates coming to DaVinci Resolve 19, they’ve had a lot of news to cover.

However, perhaps just missed in the mix, Blackmagic has also shared that Blackmagic Camera will be available on Android here soon. Like the iPhone version, it’ll be free and should be available on Blackmagic Design’s website here soon.

No Film School's coverage of NAB 2024 is brought to you by Blackmagic Design.