Along with teasing the new FX6, Sony has announced an update to its FX9 firmware roadmap offering a look at what's to come with Version 3.0.

FX9 shooters are still counting down the days for Sony's October release of firmware Version 2.0, which is packed with a ton of new features. Among them are full-frame 4K 60p using a 5K image scan, full HD at 180fps, 4K DCI recording, eye-AF, touchscreen autofocus, HDR shooting with Hybrid Gamma Log, user 3D LUTs, 6G-SDI support, increased upper gain settings, and 16-bit RAW output, which will be a converted 12-bit RAW output when recording to Atomos. 

For Version 3.0, a Center Scan mode for Super 16mm will be added. What this does is pull an image from the center region of the sensor and crops it to the Super 16mm mode. This allows shooters to use lenses that cover 16mm image circles on the FX9 without the image vignetting. Additionally, the FX9 will see S700PTP to enable remote control which is a protocol over standard IP networks as well as B4 lens support with its adapter. Sony is promising other features as well, but exactly what is unknown at this time. 

Additionally, Sony says VENICE shooter can look forward to improved live broadcast abilities when Version 6.0 comes out in November 2020. Version 3.0 for the FX9 should arrive in the first half of 2021.