We try to make sense of what many have labeled a largely underwhelming NAB 2016 (although almost immediately after recording this podcast I changed my tune... stay tuned for why). We move through the best products we've seen this week in cameras, rigs, drones, dollies, gimbals, lighting, VR and post production software.

While it may not have been as flashy of a year at NAB in terms of hardware, it's clear that companies are focusing more than ever on taking their existing products and making them as good as they can be for the filmmakers who own them. This, for those of us who can't afford to be dropping 10k+ a year on new equipment, is highly comforting.

After you've listened to the podcast be sure and take a closer look at some of the products we mention in the links below. We've produced close to fifty video interviews from the floor already and there are many, many more to come. 

Show Links & Mentions

Cameras and Lenses

Drones, Gimbals, Dollies and Rigs



Virtual Reality and 360


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This episode of Indie Film Weekly was recorded and edited in Las Vegas by Jon Fusco.