While we really wish this wouldn’t be news itself, it is nice to see that Blackmagic Design has put in messaging on the Blackmagic Cloud login page which includes an acknowledgment that the company will not train AI on your media.

We’ve seen some debates heat up recently where companies have had to explicitly clarify as much with Adobe updating their Terms of Service and Vimeo’s CEO making a similar no-AI training without consent announcement.

Blackmagic’s “No AI Training” Section

\u200bCopy on the Blackmagic Cloud login page

Copy on the Blackmagic Cloud login page

Blackmagic Design

As users have pointed out online, if you go to the login page for Blackmagic Cloud, you’ll find a few sections about BMD’s various selling points for their cloud services. These value props point to Live Sync Projects (which just came to DaVinci Resolve) as well as other sections about collaboration and managing large teams.

However, there’s another section that stands out which states “No AI Training” and provides the following copy:

“We acknowledge that you own the media uploaded to Blackmagic Cloud. We will never use your media to train an AI. Your media is always private. This means you can work safely and securely knowing your content, ideas and intellectual property remain under your control and won't leak publicly via an AI.”

Again, this is great news, but also news we would hope to expect to see not just for Blackmagic, but for pretty much all of the major tech companies in the film and video space. It’s also just a nice reminder of the crazy times we’re currently living in and how quickly things might change moving forward.