Over the past decade, gimbals, dollies, and rig companies have been in the midst of a heated competition: which can make products that do the most insane stuff? We're treated to new items each year that, when gathered into an arsenal, could give even the most independent of filmmakers a bevy of tricks to pull out of their visual playbook.

This year we saw something else. 

Perhaps as a result of all of these technological innovations, our resident gear expert Charles Haine called it the "Year of the "Smoosh" (as in, let's smoosh together as many of the things we've invented over the past couple of years into one new thing.) That's why we saw products on the floor this year like the DigiBoom, a combination Steadicam, jib, and handheld stabilizer in one.

Check out our highlights below to see all the "smooshes" in action.

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